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Temper of the Times Investor Services is a fully licensed broker/dealer that specializes in DRIP enrollments. Unlike traditional broker/dealers, the Temper Enrollment Service (Temper) provides an efficient way to open a Direct Investing Plan (DRIP) account with the company one wishes to become a shareholder in.
Temper was originally organized in 1986 to help establish DRIP accounts for retail investors. In 1996, we became registered and have since then continuously offered our services to the general public as a registered broker-dealer, member of FINRA and SIPC.
In order to assist members of the general investing public to set up DRIP accounts with corresponding transfer agents, Temper buys the initial qualifying share(s) (usually only one share is initially required), then it deals with the transfer agent to get the account open, and then we send the customer notices in accordance with FINRA reporting rules.
Once the DRIP account is established in the customer name on the company books, the customer then deals directly with the company and can buy shares also directly from the company via the established DRIP accounts.
Temper charges a one-time fee for the service it provides and receives no further fees for subsequent investments
Temper's enrollment forms are available on this website's front page under the link # 2 titled "DRIP Enrollment Form". Our customers can print out the form and mail it to us, duly filled out and with the corresponding payment attached ( all instructions are on the form) to Temper Enrollment Services, P.O. Box 461, Rye, New York 10580.
Orders can also be placed online, through the link on this website front page titled "Order DRIP Enrollment Online".
You can also call 1-800-388-9993 to order an enrollment order form, or for any questions.
Keep in mind that although the charge for enrollment is a one-time event and there are no further charges levied by our enrollment service, if the company plan has fees, the investor will pay these fees regardless of whether he or she joined the plan through the transfer agent or used the Temper service to become a shareholder. Investors should consider the effect of the fees on their investments.
How Does the Temper Enrollment Service Work?
There are nearly 1,300 public companies that allow members of the public to invest directly without going through a stockbroker. These are the companies that sponsor direct investment plans, (DRIPs). Each company has its own rules about investing through its plan.
Many companies require that the investor must own at least a single share of stock in order to qualify to join the DRIP.
Differences between Temper and other Brokers
- Temper buys single qualifying shares and transfers them into DRIP accounts under the customer's name, unlike regular stockbrokers who deal in securities under its own "street name".
- Temper does not set up nor does it maintain customers' regular brokerage accounts.
- Temper charges a one-time fee for the service it provides and receives no further fees for subsequent investments.
Once the DRIP account is open, the customer is able to send future investments directly to his or her account with the company the customer chose to have a DRIP account with. Since the investments are made directly, without the assistance of a stockbroker, it is efficient and cost-effective to invest small amounts regularly over a period of time to accumulate assets at a variety of price points.
Temper charges an enrollment service fee for each DRIP account it opens. The fee is $60 for members of the general public and $30 for DRIP Club Members. Please call  1-800-388-9993 to obtain information on how to become a DRIP Club member and save 50% on the cost of setting up a DRIP account ( Club membership is offered by an affiliated with Temper company called Moneypaper Publications, a newsletter publisher dedicated to DRIP investing strategies).
How Long Does It Take To Be Enrolled in a DRIP?
In general, it takes three to four weeks from the purchase date of the shares for your account to be opened and ready for your first DRIP investments.
Temper operates under the principal of a cumulative calendar month order gathering cycle. We stop accepting new orders on the last business day of the month and the stock(s) is purchased on or about the 5th of the following month. Shares are transferred to each DRIP account at corresponding transfer agents when the ordered DRIP accounts in customers' names are set up by transfer agents, usually within the time period of two to four weeks after the end of the order gathering calendar month cycle. Any entitlements on single shares of stock paid by corresponding companies as cash or stock dividends during the period between the purchase of stock by Temper and transfer of stock to the customer DRIP account are retained by Temper as its income. Once the DRIP account is fully established and is operational under the corresponding customer name, all subsequent entitlements such as cash and stock dividends, if any, will be credited directly to the customer DRIP account by the corresponding company. 
Enrollment Order Forms, W-9 Forms, and W-8 Forms
The Enrollment Form is available under the link 2 on the front page of this website
Form W-9 is available under the corresponding link in the front page of this website.
Form W8-BEN is available under the corresponding link on the front page of this website.
You can call 800-388-9993, or contact the Temper Enrollment Service by mail at PO BOX 461, Rye, NY 10580, if you have any questions about our service.

Temper of the Times Investor Services, Inc.
PO BOX 461, Rye, NY 10580
Phone: (800) 388-9993, (914) 925-0022 Fax: (914) 921-9318

Enrolling in DRIPs: The Temper Enrollment Services is provided by Temper of the Times Investor Services, Inc., ("Temper") a registered broker dealer, member FINRA, SIPC. Temper does not make investment recommendations, nor does it make a market in any securities. The Moneypaper Publications LLC. is the publisher of The Guide to Direct Investment Plans. The Moneypaper Publications LLC and Temper are affiliated companies.

Business Continuity Plan: Orders accepted by Temper of the Times Investor Services Inc. are backed up at two locations off site nightly. If something were to happen to Temper’s principal location. We would be able to access all our customer information at a new location. Once your DRIP account is open at the transfer agent for the company you ordered, you are no longer an active customer of the Temper Enrollment Services, although we do keep a record of the orders we fulfill for you. In case of an emergency and the office telephone number is inoperative call the following number: 914-698-2725. For a detailed copy of the Business Continuity Plan, Click Here.

Inquiries: call 800-388-9993 / 914-925-0022, or email: lbarenboim@moneypaper.com

Grievances: Email: lbarenboim@moneypaper.com